Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jay-Z-Soulja Boy Collab?

Soulja Boy, being hard at work on his new album "The DeAndre Way" recently told MTV this:

"This album will be a classic. A lot of people been sleeping on Soulja Boy for a long time, when I first came out with 'Crank Dat' it was so big, gimmicky and catchy it went five times platinum and a lot of people were stuck on it for a long time. They said I was garbage, they said I was a one-hit wonder. Now I came out with 'Kiss Me Through The Phone', my second No. 1 single and I released 'Turn My Swag On,' my third No. 1 single and now I'm going into my third album. I got everybody's ears open right now...Mark my words, this album will go platinum...I'm reaching out to hip-hop's greatest...Your Jay-Zs, your Kanyes and your Lil Waynes."

Will he follow through on this offer? I don't know, but what I do know is that his 4 hours of fame needs to hurry up and be over with!

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