Sunday, May 10, 2009

Review: Asleep In The Bread Aisle-Asher Roth

Overall, I thought that this album was sub-par. After listening to "The Greenhouse Effect" mix-tape, I expected more from Asher. Anyway, here's the review track by track:

1.Lark On My Go-Kart- One of the smoothest flowing songs I have heard in a while. While the content is a little too random for my taste, Oren Yoel delivers on the beat. Rating: 4/5

2.Blunt Cruisin'- After listening to this track, I was surprised that it wasn't released as single. It is extremely good until the part where he sees headlights and "starts to freak". I really don't like dialogue not written into a song. Rating: 3/5

3.I Love College- The first single off of the album, probably what everyone considers what this album will be remembered by. I think that it is a good song but not the best off of the album. Rating: 3/5

4.La Di Da- A coping method of sorts, Roth raps about how when people put him down, or tells him to quit he just sings "La Di Da Da Da". Rating: 2/5

5.Be By Myself- Cee-Lo does a really good job on singing the chorus in this one. Not a Great song, but good for a filler on the album. Rating: 3/5

6.She Don't Wanna Man- An ode to women who go to clubs not to get men, but to just dance and have a good time. I think that they could have gotten someone better than Keri Hilson to sing the hook, but it's his first album so she'll do. Rating: 2/5

7.Sour Patch Kids- I only listened to this a couple of times, but the times I did, I found it annoying. Rating: 1/5

8.As I Em- This track addresses the Eminem comparisons that Asher Roth has drawn in his short career. I personally think that this is the best track on the album. Chester French did extremely well on the chorus. Rating: 5/5

9.Lion's Roar- When I saw that Busta rhymes was on this track I couldn't wait to hear it. Sadly, I was disappointed. Rating: 2/5

10.Bad Day- Anyone who has flown coach on an airplane will know what this track is talking about. Jazze Pha is really good on the chorus, his gravelly voice really conveys a message of anger. Rating 4/5

11.His Dream- Here Mr. Roth talks about the sacrifices a man(his dad?) makes to provides for his family. I wish it was sped up a bit. Rating: 4/5

12.Fallin'- Probably the happiest track on the album, you can almost See the smile on Mr. Roth's face while he reminisces about his beginnings in rap. Rating: 3/5

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